Iron Homeostasis Laboratory

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  • María Teresa Martínez Pastor
  • Lola Peñarrubia
  • Pilar Miró
  • Ana Perea García
  • Lucia Ramos Alonso
  • Cristina Ros Carrero
  • Tania Jordá
  • Raquel Sorribes Daudén
  • Irene Soler Saez

Iron Homeostasis Laboratory


Our primary focus of research is deciphering how eukaryotic cells regulate gene expression to properly transport, distribute and utilize iron in response to the frequent low availability of this essential micronutrient. We use the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism and as a biotechnological tool for the development of novel strategies to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia, and to improve the properties of industrial yeast strains that participate in bread, beer, and wine making

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