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José Enrique Pérez-Ortín is PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia. In his doctoral thesis he conducted studies on chromatin organization SUC2 gene of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In 1987 got a position of Profesor Titular at the University of Valencia, and since 2007 he is Catedrático of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the same university. Since 1992 leads a research group that has evolved from classical molecular biology to functional genomics, always taking yeast as a model. In 2000 he founded the first DNA Chips Service of a Spanish University. He has been visiting professor at various doctoral programs and courses of Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese universities. He was coordinator of the Genomics and Proteomics group of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and founded the Valencian Genomics & Proteomics Network in 2004. His current research topic focuses on the development of genomic techniques to study gene transcription and expression.

He leaded 27 scientific projects funded by European, Spanish or Valencian scientific agencies and has published around 120 scientific papers with an h index of 36.

  • José García Martínez
  • Vicente Arnau Llombart
  • Antonio Jordán Pla
  • Marina Barba Aliaga



Dr. Pérez-Ortín’s group has been working on yeast molecular biology since 1992. Since 1995 the work has been oriented towards yeast genomics, firstly within the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequencing project and then within of the EUROFAN I + II functional analysis projects framed within the framework programs of the European Union. Later he was involved in the development of the yeast genome database (European CYGD project), where he was in charge of the DNA chip data. Our group has been the leader in Spain in the development of DNA chip technology. The first DNA chip service was created in Spain in March 2000 (http://scsie.uv.es/chipsdna/). In this Service we have made a nylon macrochip of the S. cerevisiae genome in collaboration with other Spanish groups. The group has the experience on the subject from the sabbatical stay of Dr. Pérez-Ortín in the laboratory of Dr. J. Hoheisel of the DKFZ (Heidelberg) in 1998. The group developed the Genomic Run-On GRO method in 2004. This technique allows to evaluate transcription rates (TR) and mRNA stabilities simultaneously. Our data and the data of other Spanish groups have been deposited in a database created by us and located in the Bioinformatics Service of the University of Valencia (Valencia Yeast Database: http://vydbase.uv.es/).
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